Welcome to euromena.sk archive

This is the archive of the euromena.sk portal – the official internet site for the euro adoption in Slovakia. As of April 2009 the site will not be updated, but the information will be available in static version.

According to a January 2009 Eurobarometer survey of the European Commission, www.euromena.sk was the most efficient information channel for 11% of Slovak inhabitants. Euromena.sk is thus second, behind television which was the most important source for 66% of Slovaks. To compare, in Malta, Cyprus or Slovenia internet did not score in the top three places.

Survey performed by Ipsos agency for the National Bank of Slovakia and the Ministry of Finance of Slovakia has shown that 60% of respondents were aware of the existence of the euromena.sk portal.

The page offered on average 3 daily news from home or abroad, businesses could use it to join the Ethical code,  visitors could test their knowledge in 10 tests.  The page was used for 16 online interviews during the period of its active life.

The public could download almost 90 various publications and official documents related to euro adoption, part of the publications was available also in Hungarian, English, or Roma versions.

Almost 54 000 visitors have downloaded a popular eurocalculator to their mobile phones and over 30 000 users have integrated the eurocalculator into their web pages. Access to the free eurocalculator since July 2008 has contributed to record popularity of the portal since its start.

Children, youth and teachers have used the portal to find games, puzzles, powerpont presentations, interactive 3D screen saver and interesting animated film on price stability by the European Central Bank. A clear success was a eurogame, which captured not only young people – over one quarter of the players were adults.

The www.euromena.sk portal was visited by 2.3 million users during its active life. A record 355 thousand visitors were registered in January 2009.

www.euromena.sk was created as part of the euro information campaign in Slovakia, in line with the National Euro Changeover Plan. The Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Slovakia have launched the page on December 20, 2007 and it was actively managed until the end of March 2009.